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Hermann Mejía (1973) is a Venezuelan visual artist born in Caracas who resides in Brooklyn, NY, where he has had his studio for the last couple of decades. He was recently featured by the Huffington Post as one of 15 famous Venezuelan artists its readers “should know about”. His first involvement as an art creator was during adolescence, through the street art movement, which led to his distinctive tags and murals decorating street corners and main thoroughfares in Caracas for many years.
He subsequently received formal training and a degree in graphic design and illustration from the prestigious Caracas Design Institute. Starting in 1995, he began exploring fine arts as a vehicle for more personal artistic expression, which resulted in his artworks being shown in many art exhibitions, both group and solo shows, initially in Venezuela and later abroad. He also works as an illustrator for the written press and for diverse editorial houses, including such legendary publications as the internationally renowned humor magazine MAD and DC Comics. 

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