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Rocío Urtecho Vega, aka Jugo Gástrico [Gastric Juice], is a Peruvian graphic artist. Her work is an unusual interweaving of pop culture, film, music, comics, series B, C, D, X, Z, and visual junk. Far from being a canned product, her illustrations are a baroque blend reconciling dualities such as audacity and conservatism, failure and success, beauty and ugliness, black humor and soap opera, locality and globalization, cavities and braces, among other things. 

Jugo Gástrico is a solution to contemporary narcissistic existentialism encircled by showcases of social networks and the media. With studies in advertising, graphic design and arts, she has developed her career as a designer and illustrator in different agencies and design studios. Her work has been published in various print and digital media publications.

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