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Los Bárbaros literary magazine. Number 9. March 2017

Cinema, literature and New York. From the Nickelodeons to the spider webs of Marvel, New York has always talked about cinema with absolute authority. In this dialogue Chaplin mixes with Cantinflas, Guillermo Del Toro's El fauno with el Che and his Latin American newspapers written to the rhythm of a motorcycle. Issue edited by Álvaro Baquero and Ulises Gonzales.

Some of the writers participating in this issue:

Tatiana Goransky

Antonio Díaz Oliva

Salva G. Barranco

Yehudit Mam

María Lebedev

Gus Jiménez

Laura Pavón

Rossana Díaz Costa

Joaquín Blanes

Julián Troksberg

Los Bárbaros #9

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